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Are minors "less important"? Not really. All the term "minor" means is that a coin is of a lower denomination or a smaller size than the crowns of that country. Most are the countries equivalents to our cents and dimes. Some are like the German 500 Mark coins of the 1923 inflation; high denomination but small in size. These are the coins of daily life and making change and as such are very important to the smooth operation of commerce. Because of how much these coins circulate, they can be tough to find in high grade. But the high mintage make even the scarce pieces quite affordable.

Like in the balance of our world coins (the Gold, Crowns, Proof Sets, Colonial Era and Medieval coins), here you can truly express yourself and build a very personal collection. Collect based on themes like the Olympics or birds, coins that represent your heritage, "dream coins" from places you hope to visit or a "penny" from every country of the world-- almost anything is possible. Your collection can be as unique as you are.

We highly recommend that World Coin collectors invest in one (or several) of the "Century Editions" of "The Standard Catalog of World Coins" by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler. Once you have gone deep enough into any one subject or specialty, you may want additional works for that interest. But the "SCWC" is still the best place to start for anyone.


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