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While the United States is the "Great Melting Pot" with every nation from around the world adding to our citizenry, no country seems to have the place in our hearts that Great Britain does. And this is caused by more than a common language. Twice we have been at open war with England (the American Revolution and the War of 1812) and twice we have been active partners working to save her against her enemies (World War I and World War II). Much of daily life stopped in the United States as everyone was glued to their televisions watching the wedding of Prince Charles and "Lady Di" and all throughout the British Empire people halted their lives to join us in mourning the assassination of President. We have been our own independent country for more than 200 years, but something deep inside us will always be "British." And something in their hearts that will always hold a special place for their "former colonies."

Those wishing to specialize in the numismatics of Great Britain have a great reference available in the "Seaby Standard Catalogue of British Coins: Coins of England" volume which is published and updated yearly. It covers every issue and many varieties from the Celtic coins of 150 B.C. to the current circulating coins of today. And if you are a specialist in English numismatics, be sure to look throughout the Showroom as we not only have things to offer in our other world coins department but in our Token Department and Historic Newspapers as well.

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Great Britain, Farthing

Great Britain, Half Penny

Great Britain, Penny

Great Britain, 3 Pence

Great Britain, 6 Pence

Great Britain, Shilling

Great Britain, Florin and/or 2 Shillings

Great Britain, Half Crown

Great Britain, other denominations and decimal coins


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