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Few countries are as unique as Australia. After all, how many other entire continents have served as a prison? Many could argue that Australia would have been better off had Captain Cook never discovered it, and if the Europeans and the wildlife they carried with them had not invaded the island. But the world would have lost such a unique land! From the art of the aboriginal people to the duckbill platypus, no other "New World" has so filled us with awe at the shear breadth of creation. And much of what we know as Australian, kangaroo and frilled lizard alike, can be found imaged on their coinage and tokens.

We are sure there are some fantastic specialized references out there for Australian numismatics but they have not crossed our desks as of yet. For most collectors, the 20th century edition of the "Century Editions" of "The Standard Catalog of World Coins" by Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler will fill most needs. The 19th century edition would be a good addition as well.

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