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I must admit to having a weakness for the paper money of other countries. The colors, the intricacy of design, the assortment of sizes; all make for a fascinating collection. The farming images of Bulgaria, the huge variety of small Austrian "notgeld" (inflationary currency), the large size of the "Russian Horseblankets", "Wehrmacht issues" of the German Army and other military script. All make it possible to build a collection that reflects the interests and personalities of the persons collecting. From individual countries to topics such as architecture or tractors, almost anything is possible. Add to that the fact that most notes are under $10.00 each (and some as little as $.25 each) and it makes it a good field to experiment and have some fun.

Due to the lower value, not every individual note will be imaged. But all will have at least a representative example imaged so you can see the design, colors and general condition.In addition, we have cataloged our offerings according to the series of references titled "The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money" (edited by Colin R Bruce II, George S Cuhaj and Neil Shafer) published by Krause Publications; our "P" (or "Placement") number offered in the description.


View our stock of currency from Austria.

View our stock of currency from China.

View our stock of currency from Germany.

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View our stock of currency from other parts of the World.

View our stock of currency from Philippines.

View our stock of currency from Russia.


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