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In 1883 the five cent piece was changed to a Liberty Head Type that continued to be used until 1912. The design by Charles E. Barber was popular but not without its problems. The first of these coins produced did not have the word “cents” on them anywhere. This led some dishonest folks to start gold plating them to pass as five- dollar gold pieces. The word “cents” was quickly added before the first year of production was over. Most collectors call these coins “V Nickels” due to the large Roman numeral for the value. It is one of the United States series that almost no-one can complete; while production halted in 1912, five coins were struck with the date 1913. So in the entire world there can only be five truly complete sets.

Good reference works for those more interested in this type of coin are “The Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins” by Walter Breen and “Treasure Hunting Liberty Head Nickels” by Kevin Flynn and Bill Van Note.

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V Nickels 1883 to 1896

V Nickels 1897 to 1912

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