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The hobbies of stamp and coin collecting seem interlocked. Stamps have featured coins in their designs and some coins have been struck to honor stamps. Coins have been made from stamps such as in the case of the encased postage used as a form of token in the United States. There have even been "postal issues" of currency! You find it almost impossible to collect one without contact with the other. We are "coin & stamp" dealers even though most of us specialize in numismatics and not philately. Maybe that is why this department more than most will be changing and growing in the years to come. As our knowledge improves and we grow within the hobby we hope to make this a department you will want to visit first for your stamp collecting needs.

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Better World Stamps

Better US Stamps

US Stamps, Scott numbers 750 to 999

US Stamps, Scott numbers 1000 to 1249

US Stamps, Scott numbers 1250 to 1499

US Stamps, Scott numbers 1500 to 1749

US Stamps, Scott numbers 1750 to 1999

US Stamps, Scott numbers 2000 to 2249

US Stamps, Scott numbers 2250 to 2499

US Stamps, Scott numbers 2500 and up

US Stamps, Airmail

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