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In this department, we will attempt to fulfill all your needs for a happy and carefree 18th century life. We offer coins, currency, silver goods, jewelry, original newspapers, magazines, other original documents and just about any other neat thing we can find.

In the history of our Nation, there was a type of merchant specific to the French influence in North America. When much of our present country was Nouvelle France, they had traders who traveled behind the army specifically to trade with the Indian forces. They were not strictly looking for furs as most traders were. Instead, they were looking to acquire silver, gold, jewels and other valuables taken by the Indians on their raids against the British settlers. In exchange for this plunder, the Indians would receive powder, shot and other things that allowed them to continue their offensive against the intrusive Brits.

After the loss of the French and Indian War, some of these French "land pirates" stayed on under British rule to carry on the same trade. The American Revolution saw them being used by both sides to curry favor with the Indians.

Le Shoppe Du Plunder captures the 1700's spirit and puts it in your hands. You are able to purchase the actual continental currency circulated at this time! Read authentic newspapers from Ben Franklin's press or papers all the way from London!! We have original, one of a kind, documents from the 1700's Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh, PA today). The majority of these documents were printed in very limited numbers and are a true treat to be able to own! Unbelievably, some of the documents sell for as low as $25.00!

We are doing something that has never been done before -- we will be taking collectible coins, currency, documents and more under canvas tent to historical sites in the most authentic manner possible. Dressed in French clothing of the colonial time period, we will be selling our wares under the premise that this is plunder from our excursions with the Brits roaming the new country. That is the origin of the name Le Shoppe Du Plunder. We are playing roles of past history and in no way intend to offend other groups of this historic time period. We are having fun!

Customers have two choices for their shopping pleasure. You can look for our tent at places like Waterford's Heritage Days or shop here on the Internet. The anachronism of having an historic business on the world's most modern form of commerce (the Internet) is part of the fun.

We will provide historic research for your purchases on request as well!

Look for this department to perpetually expand.

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