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Copper was cheap enough at one time that our United States Cents were, by our standards, fairly huge. They were larger than a modern Quarter Dollar! Collectors call these cents “Large Cents” as a generic term to separate them from the later “Small Cents.” As industrialization developed, the value of metals grew until the 1850s when a cent had almost more value in copper than it did buying power as a coin. This is what caused the change in size. Sometimes we don’t like to think about it but making coins is one way governments make money and they cannot give us a coin where the value of the metal exceeds the face value of the coin. There are several types of Large Cents; the Liberty Cap Type (1793-96), Draped Bust Type (1796-1807), Classic Head Type (1808-14) and Coronet Head Type (1816-1857).

Good reference works for those more interested in this type of coin are “The Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins” by Walter Breen or a specialized work such as “The Cent Book: 1816-1839” by John D Wright.

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Large cents, Flowing Hair, Liberty Cap 1793-1796

Large cents, Draped Bust 1796-1807

Large cents, Classic Head 1808-1814

Large cents, Coronet Head 1816-1839

Large cents, Braided Hair 1839-1857



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