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Investment equals future value increases. What makes a coin a good investment? One word--rarity. Rare coins continue their potential for value appreciation. They are a tangible asset of real value - not a paper claiming value.

What is common today will continue to be common and what is scarce will become more scarce as pieces are lost, damaged or circulated through the years. Thirty years ago, an average uncirculated Lincoln Wheat Cent was about $.05 and an uncirculated 1909 S VDB Lincoln cent was about $95.00. Today average uncirculated Lincoln Memorial cents can be found at the shows for about $.25 or less but the price of the 1909 S VDB has gone to over $3,000.00. Which looks like the best investment to you? If you want some of your collection to be a good investment you need the best possible example of the rarest coins you can afford; it is that simple. That is one of the reasons "type collections" having one rare coin of each series have always been so popular; they are fun to assemble and they pay off over the years.

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If you are looking for return as well as pleasure, this is the page to bookmark. This doesn't mean that you can't find coins that will give you good returns elsewhere (some series and countries just don't have the same level of rarity as others and the "best possible" may be a $200 coin). As with any collection, buy what you like and will enjoy owning and the pleasure and profit will go hand in hand.

The staff of is accredited through the ANA (American Numismatic Association). The ANA is the largest and premier numismatic collector organization in the world. Our staff has extensive training and knowledge with over 200 years of combined professional experience. conducts business at all the largest shows in the world. We can tailor an investment package designed to meet your specific needs or track down extreme rarities and represent you at auction. Gain knowledge - Ask questions - We can help. It's our business and we know it well. Call or email your questions. We are absolutely sure you will not be disappointed with our product and service!

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