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The year 1856 saw a lot of changes in coins in this country. We were finally established enough that we no longer had to circulate foreign coins to fulfill the needs of business and our industrial might was starting to flourish. The price of copper rose to the point that a cent was worth as much in metal as it was in buying power. So new sizes of copper coins were begun when the “Flying Eagle Small Cents” introduced the size of cents we still use today. In 1859 we saw a major design change to the “Indian Head Cent” which actually isn’t a Native American but a representation of “Liberty” wearing an Indian headdress. We also tried some experiments in metals; copper-nickel was used from 1859-64 before we settled on a bronze mixture we would use for more than the next 100 years.

Here we list the first part of our Small Cent series; the Flying Eagle Type (1856-58) and the Indian Head Type (1859-1909).

Good reference works for these types of coin are “The Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins” by Walter Breen and “Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Die Varieties” by Larry Steve and Kevin Flynn.

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Indian Cents 1857 to 1873

Indian Cents 1874 to 1894

Indian Cents 1895 to 1909

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