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Currency is the technical word for paper money. Currency has been around since before there was a United States. In fact, our first issues of Continental Currency give our name as the "United Colonies" as they were printed and circulated before the Declaration of Independence when we first called ourselves the United States. Currency collecting can be one of the tougher forms of numismatics but also one of the more rewarding. The artwork of the Broken Banknotes is fantastic! In Colonial Currency you not only have a piece of money but the autographs of people who helped form and shape our nation -- two collectibles at once. The Confederate and Southern States currency remind us of a time when we did not know if this "Union" would survive or if we would become a nation divided for all time to come. Fantastic history all on simple pieces of paper. If you collect, feel free to shop a while. If you don't collect, take a few moments to look anyway and remind yourself of times gone by.

Good reference works for those with more interest in this area of collecting are "Confederate and Southern States Currency" by Grover Criswell, Jr. or "United States Obsolete Bank Notes 1782-1866" by James Haxby.

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