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Once you have completed the usual series such as Lincoln Cents and Mercury Dimes, you often find yourself wanting a challenge. For more than 150 years, one of the most popular challenges in numismatics has been the Bust Half Dollar series. With many varieties identified by the characteristics of individual dies, each coin can provide hours of study and discovery. Yet the price of most remain very affordable and you have the hope of finding one of the new varieties discovered every few years. Who can ask for more in a pastime? The major types in this series are the Flowing Hair Type (1794-95), the Draped Bust Type (1796-1807) and the Capped Bust Type (1807-1839). If you are ready for a challenge, get your reference books and magnifying glasses ready and go forward; pleasure awaits you in this series.

Good reference works for those with more interest in this type of coin are “The Complete Encyclopedia of U.S. and Colonial Coins” by Walter Breen and “Early Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836” by Al C Overton and editied by Don Parsley.

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Bust Half Dollars 1795-1822

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Bust Half Dollars 1832-1839

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